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Hudson wins
"Leading By Example"Award!

 Michelle Ciccolo, Linda Ghiloni, Kerin Shea, Trisha Desmond and Janice Long
pose with the Town of Hudson’s Leading by Example Award.

The Town of Hudson is the proud recipient of the Leading By Example Award presented by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.  The LBE Awards recognize outstanding efforts among state agencies, public colleges/universities, and municipalities that have implemented policies or programs that have led to significant and measureable environmental and energy benefits.  A state agency or municipality may develop guidance documents, set policies and/or facilitate project implementation that advance environmental goals, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save critical tax dollars.  An award ceremony was held at the State House on October 26th 2011, with Kerin Shea, Community and Economic Development Assistant, accepting for the Town.  Hudson also received a separate proclamation from State Senator Jamie Eldridge and State Representative Kate Hogan.

Many of Hudson’s key facilities are areas or buildings located within the historic district.  While many municipalities shy away from retrofitting historic buildings, the Town has made great effort to work within preservation guidelines not only for historic accuracy, but also for energy efficiency & sustainability.  Where possible, new projects within the historic district are also made as environmentally friendly as possible.  The Town of Hudson has undertaken several innovative projects utilizing green technologies and sustainable practices in key facilities.  

As with many of its capital projects, the Town insists on as much salvaging and recycling of non-hazardous demolition and construction waste as possible.  In addition to recycling, attention is always given to the notion of “reuse”.  Care was taken to fully preserve and utilize as much of the original features of the Senior Center to minimize the amount of new material that had to go into the historic building.  Although no longer functional, the Town even insisted the original brass hardware from the Library windows be reinstalled as decorative features, instead of being disposed of.

Hudson's application focused on three major projects:

The Cellucci Skate & Splash Park


The 630 SF splash pad located within the Cellucci Sake & Splash Park is not a standard flow-through or drain-away system.  With a 2,000 gallon underground holding tank, the splash pad features a special reclamation water filtration system that recycles the water being used, running the water through an underground filtration system and separately-housed water quality management system.  Although a higher initial capital cost, this water conservation measure allows the splash pad to clean and recycle the water used, and allows us to operate the facility in times of drought.  By choosing a water reclamation system over the drain-away system, the Town estimates that nearly 5 million gallons per year are conserved, with over $52,000 per year in cost savings to the Town at current water and sewer rates.

The Hudson Senior Center


The newly renovated Hudson Senior Center installed state of the art insulation, energy efficient windows, low-flow and dual flush bathroom fixtures, and high efficiency water heaters.  Energy efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and other high-efficiency lighting was chosen wherever possible.  Both interior and exterior lighting also has been equipped with timeclocks or motion/occupancy sensors to energize the lights when required but keep them dormant when not needed.  The center also uses a Building Automation System (BAS) networked to the Director’s computer that allows her to control individual areas or shut them down completely when unoccupied.  The highlight of the energy efficient Senior Center is its Geothermal exchange HVAC system which uses moderate ground-water temperatures to heat the building in winter and extract heat from the building in the summer.  With two 1,000 foot wells, the Center estimates that it will see a reduction of 21 tons of CO2 emissions per year, a cost savings of $13,361 in first year, with projected annual savings of $28,949 in year 10.  This amounts to a 10 year savings of over $200,000.  

The Library Window Project

04-15-2011 026A (Custom).jpg

Hudson’s most recent project, the Library Window Project, installed 117 energy efficient, double and triple glazed window units throughout the historic building, nearly 30% of the entire building envelope.  The project also installed 27 new shades, shades which have a low solar transmittance (10%) and 48% greater reflectance than the original shades.  The Town of Hudson projects that it will benefit by a 40% reduction in energy usage.  Annually, it is estimated that the new energy efficient windows will conserve 1,500 gallons of heating oil - resulting in an annual savings of over $6,000, and 5,800 kilowatt hours of electricity annually - resulting in a savings of over $1,000.  The Town also estimates that it will see a reduction of 20 tons of CO2 emissions per year.  According to DOER, this is the equivalent to the carbon sequestration of planting 4 acres of pine trees.

LBE Award Photo2 web.jpg
Kerin Shea, Hudson Community and Economic Development assistant,
accepts a proclamation for the Town of Hudson from State Senator
Jamie Eldridge and State Representative Kate Hogan.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) named Massachusetts number one in ACEEE's annual state-by-state energy efficiency scorecard.  Massachusetts topped California in the ranking for the first time with ACEEE noting the Patrick-Murray Administration’s clean energy agenda, which includes the Green Communities Act of 2008 and innovative energy efficiency programs like Leading by Example.

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