The Town of Hudson, MA
78 Main Street, Hudson, MA 01749
Fire Apparatus

The excellent photos of our apparatus
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Rescue 1
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1999 Emergency One
Medium Duty  Rescue Unit
Rescue 2
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1988 Wheeled Coach
Dive Team Response Unit
Engine 1
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2005  1250 GPM
Emergency Pumper
Engine 2
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1988 1250 GPM/750 GAL. W/foam
Emergency One
Engine 3
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1987 1250 GPM/750 GAL. W/foam
Emergency One
Engine 4
1995 1250 GPM/1000 GAL. W/foam
Engine 5
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2001 1250 GPM/1000 GAL.
Central States
Car 2
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2003 F-350
Deputy Chief's Operations Vehicle
Car 3
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1999 F-250
Brush Fire Unit
Ladder 1
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2005 95-ft Tower Platform
Emergency One
The aerial on Ladder 1 is aluminum. It is equipped with a 6-bottle cascade system including booster pump for refilling SCBA. The air system allows operation of pneumatic tools on scene. A 10-KW hydraulic generator provides onboard scene lighting and 110-volt power. Additional equipment includes: portable Jaws of Life; spare SCBA cylinders; AED; RIT equipment; PPV; rescue saws; chain saw; portable generator; portable lighting.

The fleet also includes the Chief's command vehicle, a fire alarm bucket truck, a portable brush fire unit, 2 support vehicles, 2 rescue boats, a confined space rescue trailer, a hazardous materials incident trailer and 6 wheeled, all-terrain John Deere Gator.

Hudson Rescue 1.jpg
Hudson Rescue 2.jpg
Hudson Engine 1.jpg
Hudson Engine 2.jpg
Hudson Engine 3.jpg
Hudson Engine 4.jpg
Hudson Engine 5.jpg
Hudson Ladder 1 2006.jpg
Hudson C-2.jpg
Hudson C-3.jpg