Eversource Sudbury to Hudson Transmission Reliability Project

PDF icon Eversource Presentation Document 3-24-20161.74 MB
PDF icon Updated FAQ from Eversource146.86 KB
PDF icon Eversource Special Counsel35.62 KB
PDF icon Vernal Pools Survey98.58 KB
PDF icon Press Release June 20, 20167 KB
PDF icon USFWS Comments on Proposed Sudbury to Hudson Electric Transmission Line194.93 KB
PDF icon Eversource - VHB Crew Activity117.73 KB
PDF icon OARS Letter to Eversource3.32 MB
PDF icon Independent Assessment of Routing Options - August 20161.75 MB
PDF icon Press Release - NorthEast Logistics Systems, LLC- August 201684.71 KB
PDF icon OARS Comment Letter Eversource August 20163.33 MB
PDF icon Eversource Draft Briefing - August 20165.25 MB
PDF icon BOS Statement 9-9-16 Amended12.29 KB
PDF icon Hudson-Sudbury Transmission Line letter 10-19-2016119.34 KB
PDF icon Eversource presentation 11-14-16 Time 7pm121.68 KB
PDF icon Hudson BOS 11-14-16 Presentation final - revised2.29 MB
PDF icon Eversource position letter to Gov Baker 12-07-1668.44 KB
PDF icon Selectmen's Meeting 3-27-17121.26 KB
PDF icon Sudbury to Hudson Transmission Reliabilithy Project Filing today, April 20, 2017195.52 KB
PDF icon Siting Board Public Hearing - Eversource Project3.26 MB
PDF icon Eversource - Commitment to Environmental Sustainability9.15 MB
PDF icon Eversource - Upcoming activities scheduled for Monday, June 12, 2017158.04 KB
PDF icon SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION EEA No.15703 Sudbury Hudson Transmission Project395.44 KB
PDF icon EMAIL info regarding MEPA ENF Correction 2017-06-1290.19 KB
PDF icon COMMENT PERIOD EXTENSION - EEA# 15703 - Sudbury-Hudson Transmission Line Project255.04 KB
PDF icon MEPA Scoping Session Presentation4 MB
PDF icon Eversource - Field activities scheduled along the MBTA corridor183.21 KB
PDF icon Eversource’s Response to the Petitions to Intervene351.33 KB
PDF icon Eversource Filings: S-H Petitions34.47 MB
PDF icon EFSB Analysis Volume 1 Redact99.26 MB
PDF icon EFSB Analysis Volume 2 Redact63 MB