Buying / Selling a Home

If you are selling your home in Hudson, you are required to call the Department of Public Works to request your final water and sewer reading. You must call at least 5-10 business days before the closing and provide us with the address of the house, the closing date, and the buyer's name(s), as reads on the purchase and sales agreement. This will allow us to roll the water and sewer over into their name, and a final bill will not be executed without the new owner's name(s). We will also need to schedule a time for your water meter to be changed. This will be of no cost to the buyers or sellers, but we will need somebody to be home to let us into the house. The current meter must be in an unobstructed area, meaning it cannot be hidden in a wall or hidden by furniture - we will not be responsible for clearing the area. The meter takes roughly an hour to be installed and water usage will not be available while the meter is changed. For any questions regarding this process, please call Carol at (978) 562-9333, extension 318.