DPW Entrance Sign

The Engineering Division provides estimates, plans and descriptions for street layouts and utility locations. The division also provides general Engineering Services (as needed) to numerous Town Departments, Boards and Commissions, including the Parks and Recreation Department, Conservation Commission, Building Inspector, Zoning Board and School Department. 

In general, the Engineering Division is responsible for:

  • Construction inspection and supervision of Town projects - i.e. road reconstruction, milling & overlay, sewer main repairs, water main replacements, etc. 
  • Marking of water and sewer utilities in the public way and on private property;
  • Preparation of plans, specifications and bidding documents for various construction projects involving the Town infrastructure;
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state and local regulations relative to bidding contracts and the procurement of services;
  • Responding to citizen inquiries and complaints relative to Public Works projects and infrastructure;
  • Providing technical support and engineering services to the other divisions of the Department as well as to other Town Departments, Boards and Commissions;
  • Reviewing and issuing street opening requests by contractors and utilities and supervising the restoration of the Town’s infrastructure; 
  • Reviewing and issuing driveway permit requests by contractors and homeowners;
  • Reviewing plans for new subdivisions and ensuring the plans are in compliance with the Standards and Bylaws of the Town of Hudson.