Sewer Department

Vactruck Investigating a Sewer Stoppage

Sewer Department Responsibilities and the Treatment Process

To operate and maintain the collection system in accordance with MA Department of Environmental Protection (MA-DEP) rules and guidelines.

The collection system consists of 51 miles of gravity sewer, 15 pump stations, and 7 miles of force main sewers.

Collection system maintenance includes sewer and pump station repairs, clearing of sewer stoppages and diagnosis of cause.  In addition, preventative maintenance measures along with investigation and abatement of I/I (inflow and infiltration) sources are performed.

To maintain and operate the treatment facility in compliance with its discharge permit issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)

The treatment facility is very complex with extended treatment to ensure that the limits of the discharge permit are met. (Since the Assabet is a smaller river, the discharge limits are very stringent).

Sludge (contaminants removed from the sewage along with chemicals used to remove some of them) generated by the treatment process must be further treated and disposed of in accordance with USEPA rules and guidelines.