Community Development Plan

In the Spring of 2004, Hudson completed the production of a Community Development Plan (CDP) to guide its municipal planning efforts for Housing, Economic Development, Natural Resources and Open Space & Transportation.

This Community Development Plan focuses in depth on the areas of Housing, Economic Development, Natural Resources and Open Space, and Transportation. It is an important tool for policy planning. It is also used to assist the Town and the Selectmen in assigning priorities to the future acquisition of open space land. It provides guidance on several recommended changes in zoning laws and helps to identify transportation issues within the Town. Finally, the CDP assists the Town in defining ways in which to balance economic development and housing.

Sections of the CDP can be downloaded from the links provided below.  Maps and other attachments pertaining to the Plan are located with each chapter.

Funding for the development of the plan was provided in part by the following Massachusetts agencies: EOTC (Executive Office of Transportation), DHCD (Department of Housing and Community Development), and EOEA (Executive Office of Environmental Affairs).