Comprehensive Zoning Update 2021

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Did you know that the Hudson Zoning By-laws has not undergone a comprehensive update since 1957, and has been amended over 200 times since?  In 2015, Town Meeting funded a comprehensive update of the Town’s Zoning By-laws. The goal of this effort was to create a document that 1) respects the character of Hudson’; 2) is easy for all users to understand, navigate, and interpret; 3) provide a framework that is predictable yet flexible enough to accommodate amendments over time; and  4) is consistent with State and Federal statutes.

New Additions to the By-laws

New components have been added to the By-laws to not only enhance the user experience, but help the Building Commissioner with zoning enforcement issues, and reflect new land uses over the past 60 years. New components include the following:

Changes to the By-laws

A whole new updated and reformatted zoning booklet has been created, which looks different from the current zoning booklet used today. It should be noted that there are no substantive changes being proposed as part of the By-laws update. All zoning district and overlay district regulations will remain exactly the same as they are today. One district boundary tweak is being proposed for the Downtown Zoning district to include the Armory and Robinson’s Hardware properties, and two minor boundary corrections are being proposed for consistency purposes.

Copies of all the materials are located online at, the Town Clerk’s Office, the Planning and Community Development Department, and the Select Board Office.

Feel free to contact Kristina Johnson, Director of Planning and Community Development at (978) 562-2989, or with any questions regarding this update.