Outreach & Referral Services

What services can the Outreach Department provide seniors and families in Hudson?

SHINE (Serving the Health Information Needs of Elders)

Support is provided for elders and families who are struggling with health insurance questions and need more information about benefits.  Janice Long, Holly Burdrewicz and Ana Salomao are all certified SHINE counselors available by appointment throughout the week.  For our Portuguese speaking community, please note that Ana is bilingual and speaks Portuguese.  In addition, we can assist with screening and applying for Mass Health, Mass Health Buy-In programs, Limited Income Subsidy (Extra Help) and Prescription Advantage.  As SHINE counselors, we will provide unbiased information so that individuals have the ability to make informed choices about their health coverage.

Public Benefits Screenings and Application Assistance

The Outreach department can screen individuals for certain public benefits such as SMOC fuel assistance and SNAP (food stamps), as well as assist with the application process for these benefits.  

Home Care Services

Many seniors qualify for home care services with their local ASAP (Aging Service Access Point).  BayPath Elder Services is the local ASAP that services residents of Hudson.  BayPath is a nonprofit corporation which is regulated by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.  The Outreach department can provide eligibility information and make referrals to BayPath as needed. Please contact the Outreach dept. or BayPath directly if you are someone you know is in need of assistance.  BayPath phone # (508)-872-1866.

For seniors who are over income for BayPath Services, a referral can be made to certified homecare agencies that provide private pay services. The Senior Center has compiled a list of recommended vendors.

Caregiver  Support Services

Information on local caregiver support groups and caregiver programs are available at the Center.  Click here to read some of the caregiver services offered.

Legal and Financial Support

Help is available for families and caregivers who need information on legal issues in aging. The Social Service Department submits referrals to SMOC Legal Services and other legal organizations who can help. Attorney Carlos Sousa provides free consultation at the Center once a month (please call for an appointment). The Center also has information on money management programs that provide organization and bill paying support.

Ongoing Case Management

Social Service Advocates at the Center can provide ongoing case management for seniors who require assistance managing services and supports in the community. Contact the Outreach Dept for further information.

Other Services

  • Social Security, Medicare & SSI;
  • Transportation;
  • Hot Lunch Program;
  • Meals on Wheels Delivery.