Recycling Sustainability Committee

The Hudson Recycling Sustainability Committee (RSC) is a seven-member appointed adhoc committee that was created in March, 2019 for a period of 6 months.

Mission: The Committee shall examine the Save Money and Reduce Trash (SMART) options and weigh their viability in the Town of Hudson. They shall study the impacts both SMART curbside and SMART drop off may have on Hudson and its residents. The Committee shall formulate strategies and recommendations for mitigating the impacts of changing the current system. Committee members shall research and design an outreach program that will educate the citizens on the solid waste options available. They will incorporate suggestions and information from the community into their final recommendation. They will take into consider the following issues when making their final recommendation to the Board of Selectmen in September 2019:

- Convenience to the taxpayer/resident

  • Traffic and setup of current station
  • Education of taxpayer/resident

- Cost to taxpayer/resident

  • Increase in recycling efforts
  • Reduction of tonnage

- Environmental impacts

  • Enforcement of proper use of the transfer station
  • Prevention of illegal dumping

Committee Members

Name Title
Steve Sharek Chairman
Michael Delfino Vice Chairman
Sean Frey Member
Jacqueline Gillis Member
Jillian Jagling Member
Fred Lucy II Member
Kathryn Nardozza Member