About Us

The role of the Department of Assessors is to value all Real and Personal property subject to tax in the town of Hudson. The goal of the department is to value all property at its full, fair, cash value.

Our Mission

The Assessing Department of the Town of Hudson, Massachusetts performs the following functions:

  1. Responsible for maintaining a database of all of the Real and Personal property within the Town.
  2. Determining the property values and property classifications. Property values are based on Jan 1 of each year (including New Growth up to June 30 of each year).
  3. Preparation of portions of the Annual Tax Rate Recapitulation Sheet.
  4. Calculation of the annual allowable levy growth.
  5. Determining the proportion of the total property tax levy to be paid by each taxpayer. Without any shifting of the tax burden from one class to another (done by Board of Selectmen).
  6. Determine and rule on abatements and exemptions to be granted (see Assessors calendar for details).
  7. Administering motor vehicle, boat and farm excises and manage the abatements.

Administrative Secretary

(978) 568-9622

Principal Clerk

(978) 568-9620