By-Laws & Regulations

General By-Laws
The objective of this administrative code is to define the plan of organization which establishes operating divisions or departments for the orderly, efficient or convenient conduct of the business of the Town.

Protective Zoning By-Laws
The purposes of this Zoning Bylaw include but are not limited to the following: to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Town of Hudson; to lessen congestion in the streets; to conserve health; to secure safety from fire, flood, panic, congestion, confusion and other dangers; to provide adequate light and air; to prevent overcrowding of land; to avoid other dangers; to avoid undue concentration of population; encourage housing for persons of all income levels; to facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, water supply, drainage, sewage, schools, parks, open space and other public requirements; to conserve the value of land and buildings, including the conservation of natural resources and the prevention of blight and pollution of the environment; to encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the Town of Hudson, including consideration of the recommendations of the Master Plan; and to preserve and increase the beauty and amenities; natural conditions and historic sites.

Water Division Rates, Rules, and Regulations
The Board of Selectmen shall have power to establish regulations for the introduction and use of water.

Traffic Rules and Orders
The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Hudson, acting under the authority conferred by Section 22 of Chapter 40 of the General Laws and by virtue of any and every other enabling power to do hereby make, adopt and establish the following rules and orders for the regulation of carriages and vehicles used in said Town and hereinafter referred to collectively as “rules”.

Sewer Department Rules and Regulations
These rules and regulations are promulgated by the Board of Selectmen in order to organize, clarify, and bring up to date the original Rules and Regulations adopted in 1971, and subsequently modified by amendment in October 1971, February 1974, March 1977, May 1981, April 1991, and November 1992. These rules are also meant to continue the existing and historical practice of the Town with regard to the calculation of sewer usage by reference to the usage of water recorded on the water meter for each property with a connection to the system.

Subdivision Control Rules and Regulations
These subdivision regulations are adopted under the provisions of Chapter 41 of the General Law for the purpose of protecting the safety, convenience, and welfare of the inhabitants of the Town of Hudson by "... regulating the laying out and construction of ways in subdivisions, providing access to the several lots therein, but which have not become public ways, and ensuring sanitary conditions in subdivisions and, in proper cases, parks and open areas. The powers of the Planning Board under the Subdivision Control Law shall be exercised with due regard for the provision of adequate access to all of the lots in a subdivision by ways that will be safe and convenient for travel; for lessening congestion in such ways and in the adjacent public ways; for reducing danger of life and limb in the operation of motor vehicles; for securing safety in the case of fire, flood, panic, and other emergencies; for insuring compliance with the Zoning By-laws; for securing adequate provision for water, sewerage, drainage, underground utility services, fire, police, and other similar municipal equipment, and street lighting and other requirements where necessary in a subdivision; and for coordinating the ways in a subdivision with each other and with the public ways in the Town and with the ways in neighboring subdivisions".