Stormwater Utility Fees

As of Fiscal Year 2024, the Stormwater Utility rate structure consists of the following: 

Rates are by impervious areas per property.

Any PropertyImpervious Area (square feet)Tier NumberQuarterly  Fee
Any Property 


Single-Family Residential500-5,0002$24.75
Single-Family Residential 15,001-10,0003$34.75
Non-Single-Family Residential500 or greater4Calculate 2

1. Billing units for single-family residential properties with >10,000 square feet of impervious area are calculated as non-single-family residential properties.
2. Non single family residential properties= one billing unit per 3,400 sf multiplied by $24.75 (minimum of one billing unit) for quarterly fee.

Understanding Your Bill

The Stormwater Utility bills were first issued on November 15, 2023. To address questions on the billing, the DPW has created a document to help you interpret your bill. You can access it through the attachments at the bottom of this page. 

How to Calculate Your Rate?

As a land owner, you have access to building plans, and documents through your personal files. From the plans, calculate the total impervious surface area of the following structures: 

  • Roofs
  • Driveway/parking lot
  • Paved paths and private sidewalks
  • Inground pools
  • Sheds 
  • Patios
  • Other paved and hard-scaped surfaces

The Stormwater Division is working on an online facility for you to access the impervious surface data.

Why Was the Stormwater Utility Necessary?

The Stormwater Utility assists the Town to comply with a federal permit known as the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), and for capital improvements. To understand more, please see our website here